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Music sometimes helps, when words aren’t enough anymore. Music also describes and delivers emotions in an incomparable way – more than words can ever say. Music also consoles.

Losing a beloved person makes it so difficult to bear the void that’s left behind. The one thing that remains though, is to say ‘goodbye’ in a appropriate and warm-hearted manner.

Judith wants to give comfort to you and your closest relatives at the funeral and also wants to give voice to your last words and feelings when you say ‘farewell’!

Here there are some more FAQ about my singing and playing at a funeral:

To book for the…

  • Funeral
  • Viewing
  • Burial on graveside (a cappella)
  • Memorial Service
  • Reception afterwards


A funeral service is an utmost private and intimate matter. Thus I am gladly willing to discuss the various options for music at your ceremony with you and try to make everything possible, so that you feel yourself adequately accompanied during these difficult times. With the help of flexible equipment I am able to work outdoors, in churches and chapels, in communication centers and of course at your home.

  • solo – voice and piano
  • solo – a cappella
  • duo – with an additional female or male singer
  • duo – with a trumpet player


My repertoire consists of more than 650 songs of the pop, rock, jazz, musical and r’n’b genres and the most important church hymns. Furthermore, I am more than pleased to learn your personal favorite tune, should it be missing on my list.

You can find my repertoire list here…

Procedure on the day of the funeral

  • I prefer to set up my equipment 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony to do a short sound check. If that amount of time won’t be available (for example because another service is taking place before), min. 15 minutes will be enough as well.
  • I sing your chosen songs during the memorial service (with piano or a cappella) or on the graveyard (a cappella)
  • I also offer to accompany and sing the most common church hymns as well, if you wish to go without a traditional organist
  • For a booking during the funeral service in the chapel and at the grave itself I recommend that I play and sing inside, and on the graveyard I’ll sing a cappella. That has proven to be the best option in the past.
  • The removal of my equipment after the performance will take up to 15 min.
  • After a performance of max. 90 min. I would need to take a break of approx. 10 min


  • I will provide all of the required equipment, including my microphone, electric piano, amplifier, mixing console and cabling
  • All I need is a power socket and ideally a chair/stool (in the chapel)
  • For events for more than 120 people I recommend to rent a bigger sound system from external


Find my pricing and most booked packages here:


Please, find some reviews of previous customers here…

Should you be interested in a continuing accompaniment after the funeral service I’d be pleased to play and sing a very discreet and smooth music during your time together with your relatives!

For further information about my background music, please take a look here:

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