Nov 2020: 5* Review on Take Lessons

I am so grateful and honored to share this review with you! My new online student Elsa fro Houston published this on my Take Lessons Profile, where I am listed as a pop voice instructor for Houston TX and Miami FL. Let me know if you are also interested to boost your self-confidence when singing! You can do it!

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October 2020: NEW live video of SHE WILL BE LOVED by Maroon 5

Here is a snippet of my cover version of Maroon 5’s SHE WILL BE LOVED arranged for voice and piano at my last gig at The Village of River Oaks in Houston, Texas. I am blessed to be invited to perform there regularly and have a wonderful audience to play a Cocktail Hour Mix of Jazz- and Pop-Songs out of my broad repertoire of almost a 1000 songs. Enjoy and let me know if you like it!

July 2020: NEW live video ANGEL

I’m happy to say HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to Lena & Timo who I sang ANGEL by Lionel Richie for, during the recessional! A classic 90ies tune which has its charm to be arranged for a romantic spot in your ceremony. watch it here:

05/2020: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – New Original Song MAMA

For Mother’s Day I’ve published one of my original songs called MAMA on YouTube. It’s a song for my mother which I wrote year ago. Last year I’ve lost my mom, and I sang this song for her in the hospital over and over again. It has received a whole new meaning to me, so I wanted to share it with you! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the beautiful moms – in Heaven and on Earth! Yours, Judith

April 2020: Duet A MILLION DREAMS (new video out!)

The crazy Covid times bring people together in the world wide web who haven’t visited each other in years. So I’ve had the honor to be a guest in Mo’s Lounge to sing and perform an acoustic version of the beautiful ballad A MILLION DREAMS (The Greatest Showman Soundtrack Cover) with her! Enjoy and stay safe!

April 2020: HAPPY EASTER!

I am wishing every one of you a very happy Easter time and that you be well and healthy! I cannot wait ’til I get to meet you in person and sing for you! Bless you, Judith

April 2020: NEW Video in memory of my mom Monika Severloh – WIND BENEATH MY WINGS (voice and piano)

It took me a little longer than expected, but I am relieved and proud to say: The song for my mom is online, and if you’d like to watch the videos you will see her in her whole life span (and me, too ;-)) We both absolutely loved this song and the movie, so I’ve sung it at mom’s funeral. Now, a year later, I’ve had the strength to revisit my emotions and worked them into this video <3

I love my mom, everyone who knows me knows that!

Bless all of you! Thank you for all your support! <3

To all the moms – on earth and in heaven! #windbeneathmywings #mominheaven #inmemoryof

April 2020: Memory of my mom Monika Severloh

Today a year ago on April 8th 2019 my beloved mother passed away pretty suddenly! She was my rock, my home and the warmest and most loving person I’ve ever met! Today I am going to dedicate to her and will produce a little video to honor her. But now I just want to say, that I am most grateful for all her support and her love she gave to me my entire life, and that she allowed me to become a musician and do what I love doing the most: singing and piano playing! So stay tuned and watch out for my next video! Thank you! And bless all the mothers on earth and in heaven <3

Our wedding in Ibiza, when my Mama Monika walked me down the aisle while I was singing to my husband David July 2018

March 2020: ONLINE pop voice lessons available NOW!

Let’s fight the boredom due to Covid-19 and sing together, all #coronacompliant and you can #stayhome while doing so ?? I teach pop, rock, jazz and musical voice lessons for more than 15 years! It’s fantastic to see how everyone has its own sound, personality and quality, and I’d love to help you develop your singing abilities even more! There are no limits – not of age, nor knowledge or heritage! Just come and sing with me! If you’re interested I have my teaching profile online through Take Lessons or just shoot me an email to [email protected], or text . I can’t wait to meet you and hear your beautiful voice! Yours, Judith

March 2019: New live video HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE

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